Two years ago, a daring Frenchman named Paul Paulsen travelled to the ‪#‎SouthPole‬ for some chills & thrills. Well, he got stranded for a week (plane technical problems). So he used the time and his surroundings to make the first music video ever shot there.
Starring a Russian high end traveller that didn’t speak a word of english but had an incredible face, Paul returned to Paris with a ton of impressive footage. He was missing only one thing - the song!

After contacting various labels and not finding the right fit, Paul wrote to The New History. We watched the footage and created a song from scratch to follow the storyline, called "Give in to it". We collaborated trans-atlantically to tweak the song, story and add green screen footage of us (thanks to Evidence Film Studios). Between the South Pole, Paris and Los Angeles, the resulting work is not only the FIRST ‪#‎TheNewHistory‬ music video, it's also the FIRST‪#‎musicvideo‬ ever shot on the South Pole!

The New History's Play with Music platform is being developed for music education. This video explains how it works.

Play with your next dinner party !

Lauren & Harley explained and demonstrated the Play with Us project at the TEDx San Miguel de Allende conference in June 2014. Special thanks to all the organizers, as well as our virtual band!

An impromptu busking session on the night train from Berlin to Paris. Such a fun way to connect with people !